Wearing Neon is Exciting.

Neon clothing is for high visibility. It can be used during cycling or working near vehicles. Neon colours are appropriate for night outs with friends in casual settings. Do not wear neons at job interviews, traditional formal affairs.

Here are some of the ways you can incorporate neons in your wardrobe.

1. Neons can be teamed with black. It can be a black pant, skirt or a black dress.

   Image: vogue.com

2. Neons can be paired with prints

 Image: vogue.com

3. A multicolour neon jacket or pant coupled with sequinned top or a solid colour top is trending in 2018

Image: vogue.com

4. Neons look chic and flattering with nudes

Image: vogue.com

5. These highlighting colours goes very well with denims as well

Image: vogue.com

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