Women with ink are not infrequent anymore. Are you looking for some unique ideas of getting a tattoo done for you?

Choosing a designs should always be based on stuff that you are connected with. Don’t just copy the tattoo  if you see it on someones body. No matter how much that design is in trend or it would look good on you. Its your attitude that makes it for forever. The best design is something that is connected with your beautiful past, or something that inspires you every day, or it may be something that makes you feel proud of yourself.

Ladies Here is the inspiration for most unique places for getting a tattoo done ..

1 INNER WRIST- The inner wrist placement is said to be low on the pain scale. Its good for smaller tattoos and words. 0e6cf512e8237e9843a48454ceda3dec

2 ANKLE- one of the best  place to get a least painful tattoo is ankle. This is one of the most feminine place  to get a tattoo. small intricate designs like an anklet looks absolutely beautiful.

3 EAR -Many people say that getting an ear tattoo doesn’t hurt at all. It just gives a tickling sensation. Ear tattoos looks very delicate and pretty due to their miniature looks.


4 BEHIND THE EAR- An up-do adds an ‘umph’ to the chic tattoo behind the ear. Trust me you don’t need any hair accessories once you get this. f4e9qve957a0675b23a91843189836.jpg

5 INNER ARM- Although this place is more good for men.  But I personally feel that that if a women wants to exhibit her power , she can get this done with a strong and impressive text tattoo.


6 FINGER TATTOOS- Finger tattoos being very close to bone, they do hurt. Since the tattos are small the pain doesn’t lasts long.

7 BACK SHOULDER- Its a good placement for tattoo. At the same time its least painful. 00b6920d9d64c87e24ff2199b04b5f43

8 UPPER WRIST- Although this area is very painful but for those who are tolerant to pain can get a pretty bracelet done in this area.


9 CLEAVAGE- The breast can be made more provocative with a tattoo around the circumference. Jaws will definitely drop if you wear a V neck dress after getting this done.


10 RIB CAGE- OUCH , This placement is all bone. Obviously this is not for those with low pain tolerance. However texts and drawings looks stunning here.




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