Hi, I am Shweta Hoyani. I am a Scientist working on space propulsion, a fashion stylist, and a blogger 



Gowngeous is an online platform for fashion awareness. Who does not shop online today? It is easy to shop online, however at the same time it is confusing for many. This platform filters the best products out of millions of options that confuse you while  shopping online, thereby saving your time and energy.

Why Gowngeous?

Gowngeous was born in october 2017 when I finally decided to live my passion for Fashion. The Gowngeous was conceived in my mind when I started falling for the elegance and grandiose of Gowns in 2010. Today, we do online customization of gowns all over India.  The blog part of this website has four sections.

1. The Fashion Hypothesis– This section aims to create awareness about the latest fashion.

2. Oniomanian– This section is for those who have shopping disorder. The section aims to create awareness about what is worth buying online and what is not if the price and quality of the product is concerned. This is only for Indians as it covers only Indian websites.

3. Shopaholic– This section of the blog is for international viewers. This section guides you how to shop intelligently. The section provides best alternatives of the unaffordable expensive designer outfits. This section covers most of the international websites.

Gowngeous will release spring summer and fall collection every year.

Designer section of Gowngeous is about some of  the exceptional designer outfits.

If you own rights to any of the images / video, and do not want their release, please contact us and the content will be removed immediately.


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